HSI Vision:

Head Smashed In is a brotherhood of leaders inspired to serve

Overdayer ... its about "Trust"

A group of HSI men got together to experience the value of trust. Mr. Thibodeau along with Mr. Kettle organized it for us. We all contributed to it in various ways as is usually the case with our get togethers. There were many exceptional lessons learned and special moments where the value of our special brotherhood of trust came to light.

The good news is we are organizing another special get together. The Legacy Discovery will provide us with the opportunity to work together to create a great weekend that always generates long lasting special relationships with our brothers.

Make time to participate in the LD at the end of March 2022.

What happens when men dare to challenge comfort?


Context : The Right Kind of Crazy


The 'Fuckit Bucket' In all its glory.

Men Discuss MDI and its value

James Freeman answers questions from Paul Dwyer about the MDI Board of Directors and what they mean to the everyday MDI man. Great points made and a very worthy listen.

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The Hoodies are coming around the mountain.

Spotlight on a Man.

June 29 2020 From Evan MacLeod Veritas

Greg Koch - Invictus - Head Smashed in

What brought you to the Men’s Team:

2 years ago I lost my Grandmother. I was very close with her and I was feeling lost. Eric Mortimer, my boss, friend and mentor first introduced me to MDI at that time. I had no idea what to expect but I’m so glad I trusted him.

What made you stay in MDI:

This reminds me of a story of 2 cavemen. They were walking and they saw a berry bush, The one caveman thought they looked very tasty so he ate one. Boom! the caveman died! The other thought “Well I'm not going to eat those berries. I don’t want to die!” Pretty dam clear moral to that story! Learn from mistakes. Every fire I go to I learn more about myself and other men and their experiences that I can use in my life to not eat a poisonous berry. I don’t see myself leaving the fire because of that simple reason.

What would you tell a man considering Men’s Team:

I don’t know you! Whoever you are reading this. I don’t know what you're looking for or feel that is missing from your life. I can say this though MDI can help at any point in a man's life. For me it has improved in every aspect of my life dramatically. Take a shot, it's worth it!

Do you see an opportunity for improvement that you can be a part of?

Absolutely! That's why I took the role of chief of staff of Head Smashed In. Helps improve myself and the group.

What Else Mr. Koch:

Right now is a point that will be remembered throughout history!! MDI allows men to rise from this situation. Or you can pass it over. The choice is up to you!

June 9th

Albert Tawiah – Catapult

What brought you to the Men’s Team:

Met Rogers and Thibodeau on an Enlightenment Intensive, and was attracted to the idea of constant active personal growth, Mature Masculinity and personal accountability.

What made you stay in MDI:

Sincere masculine connections. Judgement free unmasked Vulnerability, technology and purpose.

What would you tell a man considering Men’s Team:

Take a good look at your life. If you want to be better, know yourself more, be of service to your community and build a Legacy than join. But if you’re here to belong to a men’s team where you can hide out from your regular life… play a league sport instead.

Do you see an opportunity for improvement that you can be a part of?

You’re going to try to make me say diversity. I’m the token Black man on team. Look if a black man wants to improve… we are here for him. If other diverse ages, races, religions, and orientations want to join to discover the same benefits I did, we are here. We’re not recruiting based on diversity, but on individual needs. What color are you… on the inside? Does it affect your ability to acknowledge your blind spots and grow? How would you know, you’ve likely never been any other color, on the inside.

I’m committed to more training, better experiences, and deeper connections. Like you and everyone else.

What Else Mr. Tawiah.

Time is precious… if you’re wasting mine I gotta go.


Mr. Glenn Woolley – Team Captain Mantegrity

What brought you To Men’s team Mr. Woolley:

White Van… and masked men. Next question

What kept you coming Back?

I’ve been involved in personal development, spirituality and leadership for a very very long time. I’ve seen and been a part of amazing things. I wanted to / needed a place to be seen and heard. I wanted to understand the “Mature Masculine” and also, I wanted to teach while learning. I’m getting it all and more. I think we’re always evolving and with the Legacy focus, and the other technologies it allows me to feel that the evolution is purposeful. I’m guiding my growth. Right?

And Allard. Allard keeps me coming back.

What would you tell a man Who’s considering Men’s Team?

What can you tell a man who knows everything already and is still seeking Mr. Dwyer? You shut your mouth and hold space for him, long enough for him to feel his own weakness. Then you support him in finding his way out of the wet paper bag he is in. I would not tell a man a thing. I would just listen.

Do you see an opportunity for improvement that you can be a part of?

It is the way it is supposed to be. We are all better by accommodating the challenges and committing to improvements with our own strengths. Yeah, I see gaps, but I see men growing to fill the gaps and being more than they were before. Like you. If you need help… ask. I’m here. Except when I’m not here, then wait…I’ll be back.

What else Mr Woolley?

Well there’s Christmas, but it’s a ways on… so that’s it I guess.

Two very different interviews but great stories indeed. Thank you, men. If there’s a man you’d like to hear from … nominate him at s1@hsit.ca and I’ll connect directly. Also, if you’d like to feature an interview it would be my pleasure to publish it.

Asking for Help…

Is this learning how to delegate, or Leadership?

We are Generally poor at asking for help. Can we be better? Recently an HSI Team reviewed the idea of Help and was able to better understand what the implications of asking for Help, receiving Help and being of actual service to others is all about.

Asking for help is all about leadership... right?

  1. Asking for help focuses a man to his priorities,

  2. Focuses him on locating his current resources (as he sees them)

  3. Focuses his accurate scope and description of the objective for clarity

  4. It suppresses the prideful instinct to be perfect and “enough”

  5. It enhances the opportunity to become more than before

  6. Requires a Man to be Supportable

  7. How would a man who could delegate do this?

Receiving Help

  1. Focuses on coordination, communication, leadership and compromise (empathy)

  2. Acknowledges gaps in efficiency and expertise are smaller than originally thought

  3. Humbles without degrading

  4. Allows a man to realistically imagine goals that are far greater than his own capacity. Dream Big

  5. Enhances purpose focused connections

  6. Test a man’s Supportability

Being of “service” to others

  1. Recognition of the job at hand required. If you have to interrogate to engage you have failed to be of service

  2. Offer help by positive statement not interrogative question

  3. Requires a Sympathetic context to be effective.

  4. Requires leadership to know and acknowledge boundaries

  5. Should not be a prideful ego driven motive

  6. Cannot happen without a man being Supportable.

The discussion was much more in depth but worth having… How do you and your Team Rate on HELP.

Mentor Discover Inspire

MDI Mission: To cause greatness by mentoring men to live with excellence and, as mature masculine leaders, create successful families, careers and communities.

MDI Vision: A world where Honor, Selflessness, Commitment, Integrity, Training, and Learning give men the wisdom and courage to serve all men, women, and children for the betterment of humanity.

MDI is an international organization spanning groups from coast to coast in North America. Additionally, several members meet via video conference worldwide.

The Alberta Division is called Head Smashed In (HSI) and is 60 strong in Calgary, spread over 6 teams of 6 to 10 men on average. We meet at our teams weekly around a fire. Once a month we all come together as a division. Location is generally Edworthy Park. Besides supporting each other we create and live the vision we want for ourselves...We have FUN! This group is open to all Men 18 and over.

MDI Announcements:

1. New on-boarding and enrollment of new members:

MDI is changing the “on boarding” process, and its awesome. HSI’s Jeff Lawrence directs the new process, and he revealed some of it on our last Town Hall Thursday June 11th. The process uses MTP, Team Reports and other metrics to better qualify and prepare a new prospect for the team experience. We’re using tools we already have to get the job done better. Way to Go!

2. Team Meeting Reports… Here’s 6 reasons why they’re critical

Team meeting reports (On the MDI site) are critical.

  1. Team Leader’s keep track of his own progress with the team and the Membership

  2. .Helps Division support Team Leadership with resources, training, and new Men.

  3. Allows Team member to see and own their own progress

  4. Allows Region and International to see trends, create training, and manage common issues.

  5. Central distribution of Best Practices, Training Feedback, and new Members is done through Team reports.

  6. Organization wide, it allows us to be accountable to our membership…” What is Measured is Valuable and over time improves”

There is a Team challenge happening throughout MDI for consistent team reports, and in the North East Regions, its allowed the men to feel connected and force improvement by highlighting obvious blind spots…

Other reports available… Membership Dues Delinquency, Training reports, ect. Information is GOLD.