Leadership Page

Last updated 6/29/ 2020

** Expressly for Team Leadership and Core Team Members *** Only...****

DC Cutler's Vision:

TRANSFORM! (Teach/Risk/Act/Nurture/Serve/Focus/Open Heart/Respect/Mentor

Team Leads

    • Hunter’s Moon - Morrison (587 439-6596)

    • Invictus - Freeman (403 589-7227)

    • Kings of Heart - Noble (403-473-7616)

    • SWAT Team - Guichon (403 540-1123)

    • Veritas - De La Harpe (403-680-2214)

Core team members

  • DC: Cutler (403-432-0360)

  • Chief of Staff: Morris (403-969-0491)

  • S1: Wells (403-463-8523)

  • MTP: Moos (403-816-2127)

  • Shaman: Thibodeau(403-229-0770)

  • Sgt at Arms: Langille(403-464-6261)

  • Point Program: MacLeod (250-732-6668)

  • Finance Manager: Guichon (403-540-1123)

  • Fun Man!: Dorian (403-605-6669)

  • Audio/Visual/Social Media: Saucier (403-463-2505)

  • Special Advisor: Kettle (403-816-2127)

  • Special Advisor: Dwyer (403-969-0491)

Leadership Information

Message from Miller:

Team leads…. this page is your resource. It's constantly updated with timely and relevant news and information for you. Resources and Ideas to share to set you and your team up for success. Great efforts have and are taken to support Team Leaders...

If there's something you need. COS_Dwyer@hsit.ca right away.

Clarity on what is expected from team leads

1 - Create a safe environment where men are free to be open and vulnerable to learn who they are, what they need and how to get it.

2 - Ensure all men attending team have paid dues on time after three exploratory team meetings

3 - Submit team meeting reports on time. (see below)

If you cannot commit clearly to these three team lead requirements, call Miller to discuss it.

Core team meeting every 2nd Thursday 6:30 - 8 PM

Team Reports

  • Team reports really help track what’s going on with Teams

  • DC and COS seek certainty on team health, required resources, etc.

  • Do you have a CPR for leading your team? Keep checking on it to see how you're doing

  • New men? send a note to COS_Dwyer&hsit.ca to notify division... Roster and such will be adjusted ASAP

  • How can HSI help ?

  • How to access Team Reports to complete them.

    • Login to mdimen.com

    • Goto My Team menu

    • Select Enter Team Report

    • On new page Select Enter Team Report link

    • Text fields can be expanded at the bottom right to make more room.

    • Submit at the bottom

Current MTP Leads

  • Hunter's Moon: Mr. Taylor

  • SWAT: Mr. Langellier

  • Kings of Heart: Mr. Woolley

  • Invictus:

  • Veritas:

Current MDI Ambassadors

  • SWAT: Stuart (Commitment team)

  • Veritas: Mr. Drzymala

  • Invictus:

  • Hunter's Moon:

  • Kings or Heart:

Help Required

  • There are many tasks that will help HSI provide services to our teams

  • Let your men know this is available to them. If there's a man who doesn't want or need a role/job but would like to help somehow.

  • If you know of a man on your team who can help... don't discuss it with him... nominate him and he will be enrolled by the man who requires help. This is very Very crucial.

Have issues with Division, Region or MDI?

  • You and your men are Mentor Discover Inspire. If you have suggestions or criticism, we are always willing to hear what any MDI member has to say.

    • Attend an HSI core team meeting

    • Talk to your Board of Director regional Rep

    • Send an email, text or call any MDI leader you want to connect with.

    • Enroll in and attend any Board of Director Committee that interests you to learn what the issues are and inject your own creative energy to help find best practices or solutions so we can all benefit from your mind.