Leadership Page

Last updated 6/29/ 2020

** Expressly for Team Leadership and Core Team Members *** Only...****

HSI Vision:

Head Smashed In serves all men to foster courage and a desire to lead for the benefit of community.

Team Leads

    • Hunter’s Moon - Cutler (403-432-0360)
    • Mantegrity - Woolley (403-618-4380)
    • Invictus - Morris(587-893-8246)
    • Highwaymen - Bergeron(250-423-1276)
    • Catapult - Zohar(403-383-4194)
    • Kings of Heart - Thibodeau(403-229-0770)
    • Walkabout - Stuart(403-512-6774)
    • Veritas - Lieffers (403-670-6757)

Core team members

  • DC: Miller (403-816-1334)
  • Chief or Staff XO: Mr. Koch (403-606-0749)
  • S1: Mr. Dwyer(403-969-0491)
  • Outreach: Coming soon Mr. Dykeman
  • Events: Mr. Ionescu
  • MTP: Mr. Kettle
  • Shaman: Mr. Thibodeau

Division Meeting July 8th Zoom

  • https://us02web.zoom.us/j/4039690491
  • Theme "What Makes A Good Team Meeting"
  • Team Leaders,
    • will have 3 mins to share their feelings on what makes a good team meeting with their Team specifically
    • Team Captains get a chance to share Team Culture and also ask other men/teams for opinion or even help./ Advice
    • Teams will learn from other teams /men what they want/have/need/don't need.
  • Context is "Share Lessons... "


  • Blood Drive
  • Chris and James Walk Together For Life: 1 Million steps Eastward in support of the Centre For Suicide Prevention
  • New On Boarding Process
  • There's always More.

Leadership Information

Message from Miller:

Team leads…. this page is your resource. Its constantly updated with timely and relevant news and information for you. Resources and Ideas to share to set you and your team up for success. Great efforts have and are taken to support Team Leaders...

If there's something you need. COS_Koch@hsit.ca right away.

*** Critical***:

Chris and James Walk Together for Life: 1 Million steps Eastward to Calgary in support of Centre for Suicide Prevention.

Context: On July 7 2020 , two men from Head Smashed in (Chris and James) will walk from English Bay Vancouver, BC over 1 million steps over the rocky Mountains to the Calgary Tower to raise funds and awareness for The Centre for Suicide Prevention...

  • Requested to Support the initiative personally (ask questions if you like)
  • Asked to Drive support from your teams... with enthusiasm
  • Asked to Social Media the hell out of the pages, Instagram, posts ect. We need wide distribution on this.
  • Asked to consider strengths and abilities of each man on your team or that may be accessible:
  • The mission manager Scott. Gullion or another staff member may be looking for assistance that you may be able to help with.

More to be discussed at the Division meeting but Question are encouraged...

Core team meeting every Thursday 7:30AM

  • Zoom Address : https://us02web.zoom.us/j/4039690491
  • Core team and team leads are invited. Always.
  • Attendance is optional.
  • Submit any agenda items by Wednesday Midnight.
  • Open for General Team Leadership Discussion

Team Reports

  • Team reports really help track what’s going on with Teams
  • DC and COS seek certainty on team health, required resources, ect
  • How close to completing your team vision and CPR.
  • New men? send a note to COS_Hsit.ca to notify division... Roster and such will be adjusted ASAP
  • How can HSI help ?
  • How to access Team Reports to complete them.
    • Login to mdimen.com
    • Goto My Team menu
    • Select Enter Team Report
    • On new page Select Enter Team Report link
    • Text fields can be expanded at the bottom right to make more room.
    • Submit at the bottom

Current MTP Participants (2 men on Veritas)

  • Veritas MTP Manager Mr. Galvin

Blood Drive Challenge

Help Required

  • There are many tasks that will help HSI provide services to our teams
  • Let your men know this is available to them. If there's a man who doesn't want or need a role/job but would like to help somehow.
  • If you know of a man on your team who can help... don't discuss it with him... nominate him and he will be enrolled by the man who requires help. This is very Very crucial.