From the 2022 Legacy Discovery Event

The MDI 2023 Team Leader Summit is to take place on February 25th. There is NO COST to attend! Men will gain invaluable experience and wisdom from other Team Leads that will only help them become better leaders. A feature on this will be made available soon. Contact the Division Coordinator for more information.

On December 10th, the annual Polar Dip returned. Team Invictus lead men into the icy Bow River and further aid in the development of the men's masculinity.

On November 16th, we hosted an event that encouraged men to introduce other men to HSI. These are only highlights of what we do at each meeting. You will have to be there to really experience what our men get from these fires...

Men were kept warm by a roaring fire put on by Mr. Fretz.

One of our Leaders (Miller, left) is battling it out with a guest during Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Our Open House Event was lead by one of the Team Leads, Mr. Freeman.

Mr. Dwyer leading the Technology portion of the meeting.

Mr. Kettle talking about the importance of one of the many courses that change men's lives.

Diversity Statement

Mentor Discover Inspire (MDI) is a global organization of honourable men. We are committed to being an organization as diverse as humanity itself.

For MDI, diversity and inclusion are a matter of commitment and honour. MDI men are bound by honour to defend humanity in all of it’s rich diversity. That starts with making a welcome seat at our table for honourable men from all walks of life.

We are committed to being an organization for whom diversity and inclusion are reflexes, not future plans. That will take action and commitment but first it will take a stand.

MDI extends a warm welcome to all honourable adult men of good-will without regard to race, age, ethnicity, sexual identity, sexual orientation, religion, politics, national origin, or disability.

And, in acknowledgement of the implicit bias all men wrestle with, we offer this accommodation,

For Men who are willing to do what it takes to overcome their own racism, bigotry, or bias, MDI is a place to learn how, but Men who don’t want to overcome racism and bigotry have no place in MDI.

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Asking for Help…

Is this learning how to delegate, or Leadership?

We are Generally poor at asking for help. Can we be better? Recently an HSI Team reviewed the idea of Help and was able to better understand what the implications of asking for Help, receiving Help and being of actual service to others is all about.

Asking for help is all about leadership... right?

  1. Asking for help focuses a man to his priorities,

  2. Focuses him on locating his current resources (as he sees them)

  3. Focuses his accurate scope and description of the objective for clarity

  4. It suppresses the prideful instinct to be perfect and “enough”

  5. It enhances the opportunity to become more than before

  6. Requires a Man to be Supportable

  7. How would a man who could delegate do this?

Receiving Help

  1. Focuses on coordination, communication, leadership and compromise (empathy)

  2. Acknowledges gaps in efficiency and expertise are smaller than originally thought

  3. Humbles without degrading

  4. Allows a man to realistically imagine goals that are far greater than his own capacity. Dream Big

  5. Enhances purpose focused connections

  6. Test a man’s Supportability

Being of “service” to others

  1. Recognition of the job at hand required. If you have to interrogate to engage you have failed to be of service

  2. Offer help by positive statement not interrogative question

  3. Requires a Sympathetic context to be effective.

  4. Requires leadership to know and acknowledge boundaries

  5. Should not be a prideful ego driven motive

  6. Cannot happen without a man being Supportable.

The discussion was much more in depth but worth having… How do you and your Team Rate on HELP.

Mentor Discover Inspire

MDI Mission: To cause greatness by mentoring men to live with excellence and, as mature masculine leaders, create successful families, careers and communities.

MDI Vision: A world where Honor, Selflessness, Commitment, Integrity, Training, and Learning give men the wisdom and courage to serve all men, women, and children for the betterment of humanity.

MDI is an international organization spanning groups from coast to coast in North America. Additionally, several members meet via video conference worldwide.

The Alberta Division is called Head Smashed In (HSI) and is 50+ strong in Calgary, spread over 5 teams of 6 to 10 men on average. We meet at our teams weekly around a fire. Once a month we all come together as a division. Location is generally Edworthy Park. Besides supporting each other we create and live the vision we want for ourselves...We have FUN! This group is open to all Men 18 and over.

MDI Announcements

Regional reorganization is underway. All Divisions will be put into three regions: Atlantic, Pacific and Continental. More will be revealed by Mr. Kennard.

The MDI Man of the Year nominations are underway. Have your nominations in by December 19th. Go to the Legacy Magazine e-mail link to find out how you can nominate a man you think deserves to be MDI Man of the Year.