An essential brotherhood

Mentor Discover Inspire is a brotherhood of trusted men who support the development of men who show up honorably in a world where masculinity is demonized, diminished and ridiculed. Weather we like it or admit it or not, this has an effect on all men.

A men's team is a place where men are respected for the masculinity that they are born with. That we are ok even though the world is trying tell us that there is something wrong. MDI is the place where you learn, through leadership, how to project your masculine power to benefit yourself, your family and the world.

Give to Get

Holding a context of "What can I give" is a great way to get the most from a men's team. What do we want most from a men's team? I would think it's to leave every meeting feeling like a competent masculine figure that is empowered to give of himself to the world.

In my mind, that is living a meaningful life. Not necessarily happy all the time but coming from a place where happiness is possible or likely on occasion.

The value of taking on Leadership roles with MDI

Taking on a leadership role is the best way to get the most out of a Men's team experience. It's not always easy but it's always rewarding.

Mentor Discover Inspire is designed to offer any man a way to get involved, to learn and to grow into different levels of responsibility with mentoring and encouragement.

Taking on tasks to grow out of the comfort zone is the stuff that generates confidence in masculine power. The kind of confidence that helps us feel great about giving our masculine gift to the world.

Thoughts on the Town Hall

Attending the town hall was great. I was impressed with the number of men involved in the amount of effort being made to support our vision so that masculinity continues to be an important component in the development of human society and culture.

I was also reminded that all those leaders started off, like most of us, seeking something new or something more or perhaps some of us were challenged beyond the tools we normally have to cope. They have grown through their men's team to contribute to what Mentor Discover Inspire stands for; a place for us to gift our masculinity to the world.

Leaders Inspired to Serve

The idea that a man lives to give his masculine gift to the world is one of the important messages I gathered from reading David Deida's "The way of the superior man" which outlines in clear terms what is important to the masculine. It resonates with me because I feel it when I hear it. Much like the Sterling's men's weekend. When the information came to me, it just made perfect sense and confirmed what I felt was real.

I want to help Mentor Discover Inspire continue to offer men the opportunity to contribute to a vision of a better world where men are respected for their masculinity.

A men's team is a place where I have the freedom to be myself. Where I can bring my issues, challenges and problems and seek the wisdom of my men or just be heard if that's what I need. It's a place where I can get to know my true self and what I really want. Once I m there, I am encouraged to commit to action by leading. Being clear on what I want and taking action to get it. MDI then helps me hone my leadership skills by giving me a place where I can practice with the help of other men who are doing the same thing. While I am improving my leadership skills I am contributing to maintaining MDI's vision which helps me feel honorable, whole and content. This in turn help maintain a positive spirit that helps me deal with the challenges I face every day.

Mentor Discover Inspire is a perfectly simple place that helps me feel great about who I am as a man in this complex world.

My personal goal is to work towards an environment where men develop a desire to lead. Ultimately, Head Smashed In are Leaders who are inspired to serve. If MDI members have no desire to lead in this organization, it's something we want to change. Leading a team, a division or any other leadership role should be fun and rewarding. If it's not, something critical is missing.