Connect with your men

Men, November and December presents us with the opportunity to connect with the men of Head Smashed In as well as all the men in the 4 divisions in the Canada region.

The division meeting in November will be about Celebrating Success during the Pandemic. What have we Learned?

The regional all division meeting on December 14th will be our Christmas party about what we've accomplished over the year and how to have fun despite COVID.

Peace of mind: MDI Enrollment

Spiritual and responsible peace of mind. Mr. Mortimer's presentation made me aware that I can improve my peace of mind spiritually but I also have to take steps to deal with those challenges in life that will certainly turn into hell, as Jordan Peterson would say, if not attended to promptly.

MDI's Excellent Enrolment program is on again. If you have done the program in the past like me and are not using it regularly, like me, you could probably use a refresher. Like me. If you have not done it, ask a man who has. It's well worth the time. Starts October 18th and goes for 4 Monday nights on Zoom

Men's team gives life to your Vision

By using your men to listen to your open heart to confirm your truth, what you want, your purpose and ultimately your vision for yourself you give life to that vision. You invite your men to share that vision and set the intention for it's success. This invigorates you to propel you to as spirited state of mind that allows you to relax while the universe conspires to present you with opportunities that you can select to lead you to get what you want. To be the man reflected in your vision.

COVID is back

It's pretty clear COVID is not over yet. We've had to cancel the Division meeting and the LD because we are committed to large gatherings un disturbed by restrictions. When it comes to large gatherings we use the Alberta Health regulations to define under what conditions we can meet. We will organize a zoom division meeting ASAP. We will have an LD as soon as we can be fairly sure that we can have it at a time where no restrictions will diminish the exceptional experience that a Legacy Discovery weekend can bring to a man's life.

Going Live for now.

We had a reprieve from COVID since July 1st in Alberta and managed to get one live meeting with no restrictions. Our overdayer was great and we want to offer such a get together to everyone. The next division meeting will be without restrictions because we can still do it in Alberta according to health regulations. So don't miss out. The LD will happen on November 12th only if there are no restrictions for indoor venues. Who knows what life will be like in Alberta in 2 months. However, this week on Thursday the 16th we can, so lets do it..... If you're not comfortable with no restrictions outdoors for now, we will miss you. Hopefully, the world will go back to normal soon and we will share the outdoor space with you again soon.

Division Meeting and LD

A number of announcements starting with the division meeting on September 16th about inner peace. The LD happening November 12th. We are all working together to make this the best LD ever. All you have to do is recognize the value that you can get from connecting with your LD experience and offering that experience to a man near you.

In addition, we are all invited to the MDI Town Hall happening September 9th and there will be a new Enrolment program happening soon. It was attended by over 100 men the last time and I thought the strategies employed were clear, powerful and resonated with every man on the course. Presenters were excellent. I got a lot from it.

Sep 16th Division meeting

The next division meeting will be about Inner peace. Imagine living a life on purpose, with meaning and contentment all the time, no matter what happens on the outside of your own mind. What is the value of learning to live that way? How can it be done? These are not easy questions to answer but they are worth considering.

We wont be giving you the answer to those questions at a division meeting but we might open the door to the realization that we can learn to get closer to that ideal state of mind.

The value of men's team. TRUST

What we do for a man to feel great about himself is exceptional and unique. There's nothing like being accepted for exactly who you are to teach you that you are worthy and deserving of love and especially deserving of love for yourself.

To be loved for who you are, you must be free to express who you are openly without reservation or fear. That takes courage but it's the only way to be sure that you are OK. Not who you act like. The freedom to be yourself and love yourself. TRUST

LD on my mind....

Aside from the Overdayer which is being organized by Mr. Thibodeau and a division meeting on September, there's a chance we get to do a few brojects by the end of September 8th. Mostly we need to get as much as we can from our November 12th LD event. Many of us will be participating on the training team and the production team. All of us should get reconnected with the LD energy we received when we did our LD. Let's work on that together.

S1, OverDayer, LD and Brojects

All of us are putting on a lineup of activities coming out of the COVID funk. Lots of opportunity for all of us to connect, have fun and learn something important about ourselves.

Mentor Discover Inspire, is about developing the freedom of trust which ultimately leads to a rewarding and meaningful life.

Push to get back to live meetings

1 - Brojects: Gym trim project is waiting for date from the Hull House.

2 - Overdayer should not be missed due to the care Mr. Thibodeau and Mr. Kettle are putting into it .

3 - LD with Elwayns as Lead GEL and Langille as Event Manager. Be prepared to join them for a fun time.

4 - S1 network is being organized so that all members need to look at only one email a week from your S1. Please check your S1 email once a week to stay informed of Division announcements.

It's about time....

Waiting for a date for our broject.. Hull House Gym trim painting. Should be lots of fun to get together with all of you. I am also looking forward to our division overnighter on August 14th. Again, it's been a while since we had the opportunity to meet face to face and this will be a great way to do it. We also having an Legacy Discovery weekend in the first half of November. You will be hearing lots about it over the next few months.

BOD Voting

This week all of the Canada region members are legally required to vote on accepting Mr. Stewart Johnston as our newest board member. We are asking that you review his bio in the email with subject "** URGENT CRITICAL ** MDI Board of Directors Candidate - Stewart Johnston. - Needs your Vote." Then follow instructions in that email to register your vote.

Also, we need to know who will attend the August 14th Overnighter so we can prepare adequately. Your team S1 should report back to us who on your team will join us.

Our Last Zoom division meeting

We are looking forward to returning to our normal face to face division get together experiences. July 7th should be our last division meeting on Zoom. The overnighter on August 14th is a great way to reconnect and the LD is an even better way to connect, learn something about yourself and create lasting relationships with many men.

Time for an OVERDAYER

COVID has taken it's tole on all of us. It's time to get together and celebrate getting back to the way we were before all this happened to us. Mr. Thibodeau has offered to lead this event and I'm sure it will turn out to be the best thing that's happened to us in a long time. Make plans to join your brothers on Saturday August 14th. We have time to get ready to attend and prepare to make it great.

Ready to return to normal?

The COVID event is nearly over and we need to start thinking about resuming the normal division activities we left behind 15 months ago. We expect all restrictions to be removed after the Stampede if the vaccine strategy has the same effect it has had in the US. It all looks hopeful enough that we can start planning for a face to face division meeting in August which could be an overdayer for us. Let's get active and tell your team leads you want your team to be involved in preparing and attending the August overdayer.

COVID de-funk strategy

Since we're coming off the COVID restrictions, it's time to shake off the COVID funk and get back to face to face meetings. Let's talk about an overdayer this summary and an LD this fall. Let your team leaders know you want it. You love it. You need it. You want to be part of it.

Better Teams

There's always room for improvement. It takes knowledge, experience and the will to give your best to contribute to the quality of your team to improve it. When a man visits your team, what inspires him to stay and contribute to the spirit of your team. What invites him to join you to create an environment that keeps your team from falling into mutual accommodation? How do you all risk more to discover how to grow individually?

Personal Responsibity

The notion of personal responsibility to do something to remain spiritually strong so that men offer their masculinity to the world. So that we are seen as protectors and defenders.

Teams, Teams, Teams

MDI and this division are dedicated to two things. Keeping us connected to create an atmosphere of belonging to a bigger organization and developing and supporting men's teams where men acquire a desire to lead actively in their lives and in the community.

The value of MDI

Miller talks about the unique value Mentor Discover Inspire bring you through your men's team and through the whole organization of men who have your back and how we contribute together to create a better place for men in the world.

Time for a Board Meeting

We're all invited to attend MDI's yearly board meeting on Wednesday May 19th where we'll get a chance to listen to what our board has been up to. Where have we been during the last year. What we have accomplished. New directions and a look at our future. You'll get a chance to ask questions and let the board know you're opinions

Boar of Directors Meeting

Instead of a Regional all division meeting in May we are invited to attend a Board of Directors meeting in May 19th. Consider attending to find out what the Mentor Discover Inspire board of directors is up to. You will receive a zoom link before the 19th.

Let us know you want a face to face meeting in June and we'll make it happen.

Core Team Course

MDI courses are getting really good. They are put together better. They are entertaining and the information is pertinent to what we need to know to do what we need to do to get the most from our time with Mentor Discover Inspire.

Learn what it takes to be participate fully with and MDI Team and and MDI Division. It will lead to the kind of valuable personal development that will help produce a meaningful purposeful life.

A few announcements

The canada region wants you to save some time on Tuesday May 18th for this important regional meeting to connect with the men in your region and elect your next MDI Board member.

Canada Region Core team summit. Your Core team works together to improve your division. You are invited to attend to learn what we do and how we do it.

How to meet Covid save

Our last division meeting helped us to realize how much we miss face to face meetings at our fires. So, the core team decided to see if we can become COVID wise. How to get what we need beyond zoom meetings despite of but in accordance with health regulations.

It's a challenge that we can overcome if we set our minds to it.

Get out to have fun with men

Aside from a bit of current news, this video suggests that men get out to have some fun with their HSI brothers. We've been cooped up too long. It's time to get out or our shells. What better way to get out than do a bit of work on community projects "BROJECTS" to create a better place for kids on some weekend.

It's always been a pleasure for me to move a man or paint the Alex or help put on an LD or many other event's I've participated in over the years.

Mentor Discover Inspire Rocks

Last week's town hall helped me to recommit my support for MDI. We continue to help shape a world that honors and respects masculinity. This is important as much world wide energy is actively dedicated to vilify and marginalize masculinity.

Doing nothing continues to degrade masculinity which does have a negative impact on humanity.

Brojects: Fun get togethers

Getting together to do something constructive for our community is usually lots of fun. I recall painting the Alex, Building Mr. Sim's garage, Halloween dance, Christmas families. This year, despite COVID, we can plan on getting together in small groups to help support the Hull House which is a place that supports children.

The value of leadership

Some thoughts on the discomfort of taking on a leadership role with Mentor Discover Inspire. When I agreed to take on the DC role last April 1st. I knew that this job was something to fear. I knew this because no one else wanted to do it. I took it on because I was convinced that it could be made simpler.

After about a year, I have worked towards making it easier and have succeeded in many ways. I have also found that my greatest barrier is me. I needed to take the discomfort on to realize what I must to learn to achieve my goal, my vision of all of view to be inspired to serve in MDI and as leaders in your life, your families and your community.

Division Future Leadership

My vision for HSI is a place where men interact with each other in trust while taking on leadership roles. These roles are required for the division to function well and support our teams and MDI's vision. These roles are an important way to help men recognize leadership methods that produce results efficiently.

My role as DC should be that of a place holder who inspires the men to see a vision and aspire to help to achieve it. Its a pretty simple concept that has to be understood and encouraged to unfold in the best possible way.

DC Miller's Report... Division Meeting... Responsibility

We all know we need to take responsibility for what we want. We may all think we're already doing that. Is it worth taking a moment to reflect on the truth of it? Perhaps an occasional reminder would serve to ensure we stay on course of a responsible life.

Giving to get and creating an excellent team experience is all about responsibility.

We will be looking at this and other subjects of interest at our division meeting.

DC Miller's Report... Thoughts on new men on Team

I believe every man on team feels great about adding a member to his team.

It's easy to say "If he doesn't stick around it's because he's not ready". That may be true in many cases. However, we know creating and maintaining an excellent team environment is not easy. There's much we can learn about it.

The more we know the more likely we are to get better at it and learn how bring a man to see the value, feel the brotherhood and trust and stick around once he visits our teams.

Valentine's day

A few things to talk to you about. MDI Online Enrollment training results. Upcoming MDI online leadership training opportunity. Next division meeting. Give to get. Responsibility.

VALENTINE'S DAY: An opportunity for all you men to celebrate the special love relationship in your lives. Do something unique. Ask the men on your teams if you want Ideas.

An essential brotherhood

Mentor Discover Inspire is a brotherhood of trusted men who support the development of men who show up honorably in a world where masculinity is demonized, diminished and ridiculed. Weather we like it or admit it or not, this has an effect on all men.

A men's team is a place where men are respected for the masculinity that they are born with. That we are ok even though the world is trying tell us that there is something wrong. MDI is the place where you learn, through leadership, how to project your masculine power to benefit yourself, your family and the world.

Give to Get

Holding a context of "What can I give" is a great way to get the most from a men's team. What do we want most from a men's team? I would think it's to leave every meeting feeling like a competent masculine figure that is empowered to give of himself to the world.

In my mind, that is living a meaningful life. Not necessarily happy all the time but coming from a place where happiness is possible or likely on occasion.

The value of taking on Leadership roles with MDI

Taking on a leadership role is the best way to get the most out of a Men's team experience. It's not always easy but it's always rewarding.

Mentor Discover Inspire is designed to offer any man a way to get involved, to learn and to grow into different levels of responsibility with mentoring and encouragement.

Taking on tasks to grow out of the comfort zone is the stuff that generates confidence in masculine power. The kind of confidence that helps us feel great about giving our masculine gift to the world.

Thoughts on the Town Hall

Attending the town hall was great. I was impressed with the number of men involved in the amount of effort being made to support our vision so that masculinity continues to be an important component in the development of human society and culture.

I was also reminded that all those leaders started off, like most of us, seeking something new or something more or perhaps some of us were challenged beyond the tools we normally have to cope. They have grown through their men's team to contribute to what Mentor Discover Inspire stands for; a place for us to gift our masculinity to the world.

Head Smashed In is a brotherhood of Leaders Inspired to Serve

The idea that a man lives to give his masculine gift to the world is one of the important messages I gathered from reading David Deida's "The way of the superior man" which outlines in clear terms what is important to the masculine. It resonates with me because I feel it when I hear it. Much like the Sterling's men's weekend. When the information came to me, it just made perfect sense and confirmed what I felt was real.

I want to help Mentor Discover Inspire continue to offer men the opportunity to contribute to a vision of a better world where men are respected for their masculinity.

A men's team is a place where I have the freedom to be myself. Where I can bring my issues, challenges and problems and seek the wisdom of my men or just be heard if that's what I need. It's a place where I can get to know my true self and what I really want. Once I m there, I am encouraged to commit to action by leading. Being clear on what I want and taking action to get it. MDI then helps me hone my leadership skills by giving me a place where I can practice with the help of other men who are doing the same thing. While I am improving my leadership skills I am contributing to maintaining MDI's vision which helps me feel honorable, whole and content. This, in turn, helps maintain a positive spirit that helps me deal with the challenges I face every day.

Mentor Discover Inspire is a perfectly simple place that helps me feel great about who I am as a man in this complex world.

My personal goal is to work towards an environment where men develop a desire to lead. Ultimately, Head Smashed In are Leaders who are inspired to serve. If MDI members have no desire to lead in this organization, it's something we want to change. Leading a team, a division or any other leadership role should be fun and rewarding. If it's not, something critical is missing.